All the right vibes in all the right places, this wedding was a bright and colourful celebration highlighting Tim and Rachel’s epic personalities.

The bridal party was tied together with bursts of colour from the mens bow ties and shoes to the colours in the girls bouquets… with a special mention to Murphay the dog holding the ring for his mummy in daddy close by in a neck scarf matching his dads bow tie.
These two tied the knot in front of a rainbow sea of balloons and celebrated fiesta style with food trucks and long tables amongst the colourful artwork in Miami Marketta.

Cocktails were shaking , music was pumping and the dance floor was overflowing.

The moment I met these two I knew their wedding was going to be something special. and what an awesome wedding it was!

Thanks for having me along

K x

Brides Dress- Bohemian Brides
Flowers- Gilly Devine flowers
Hair- Base Hair
Mens Shoes-Vans
Celebrant-Lady love
Desserts-Reid Street Kitchens

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