I had the pleasure of being the photographer for Mark and Sherridan for their┬áByron Bay wedding on the incredible day of the summer solstice. This creative duos wedding was held at the Figtree Restaurant overlooking the bay. Guests travelled from interstate and overseas and were in for a treat with plenty of sunshine, laughter, and happy tears. Mark strummed away on his ukulele and casually had a beer while waiting for his moment to see gorgeous Sherridan strolling down the aisle adorned in “Grace Loves Lace” and a fresh floral crown.
On location we headed over to “The Farm” and strolled through the winding roads and rustic surroundings then snuck out at last light to capture some final special moments before the real partying began!. Guests were served dinner under the stars, then led onto the dance floor by Mark and Sherridan and the awesome sounds of live music.
I hope you enjoy looking through this gorgeous couples wedding story. It was my absolute pleasure telling it!!

Venue- Fig tree Restaurant
Celebrant- Amala www.ceremonieswithamala.com.au
Theming- Michelle Barnes
Band- Hanlon Brothers & Hamilton
Cake- Courtney Tate-Brides Sister
Dress- Grace Loves Lace

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