I had the pleasure of being the photographer for Jon and Maggie’s wedding in Northern NSW this past summer and what a wedding it was!  These two were married surrounded by friends and family under a gorgeous arbour in the lush gardens of Osteria,Casurina.
Soon after the ceremony a garden party had began and we snuck off to the cliffs of Hastings point with Jon and Maggie’s two best friends to explore as last light hit.  A beautiful reception was had with a room filled with ambient lighting, fresh blooms and laughter.  Guests were seated on long tables and together enjoyed the Italian wedding feast.  Speeches rolled on into the night and laughter filled the room and as the music begun the floor was filled and some incredible ‘dance offs’.

Jon and Maggie It was my absolute pleasure to be able to capture your wedding story.

K x

Dress- Bo & Luca
Makeup – The Luxe Beauty Co
Flowers- Elyssium Blooms
Venue- Osteria
Music- One Fun Band

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