The magic that happened when you put these two together was out of control…
These adorable childhood sweethearts took the whole day in their laid back style, with their gorgeous children and best of friends by their side.
The whole wedding was well styled with plenty of special moments shared with family and friends to capture throughout the day.
They took to the dance floor with the words ‘Dreams can come true look at me babe I’m with you’
and this laid back carefree couples wedding was exactly that… a dream come true!

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your special day and for busting a move with me on your dance floor!

Grooms Socks and Cuffs- Wood & Beau
Brides Dress- Grace Loves Lace
Boys Hats- Fallen Broken Street
Hair- Libby Cullum Hair Designs
Videographer- Rabbit and Bear
Furniture & Arbour Hire- Arctic fox hire
Flowers- Vintage Flower

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