This wedding was full of added touches to remember forever.
Kate’s talented sister Laura spent the time to design not one but two custom made dresses for her sister… which was hidden away from everyone till the very last minute.  The joy I saw on Kate’s mum, dad, and bridesmaids faces as they saw Kate for the first time in her dress was incredible! let alone the moment Dave saw her walking down the aisle at the Ceremony held at High Church.
We hit the streets of Brisbane valley for location shots and then made our way to our uber trendy reception venue Lightspace.  Family and friends cheered as the bridal party strutted their stuff through long tables lit by candle light and filled with fresh foliage. Speeches where made and laughter filled the room, quickly followed by gasps of delight as Kate walked in surprising everyone in her second dress.  The first dance began and it did not take long for this awesome crowd to fill the dance floor.

Another incredible wedding, thanks for having me along.

K x

Brides Dress- Laura Lauder Designs
Videographer- Box media House
Florist- Kate Dawes Flower
Hair- The Mia Collective
Makeup – Ginelle Dale
Band- R3ndition

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