Coebbie and Jess flew out from Darwin for an intimate gathering of family and friends on the Gold Coast. The boys looked dapper after spending a morning at Barber and Bros getting freshly shaven and styled for the big day. Jess stamped her style on the day wearing a beautiful vintage lace gown complimented by her bridesmaids in 1940s styled eclectic dresses. Instead of bouquets the girls each carried an object that meant something about their friendship with Jess and Jess carried a single red rose. Coebbie stood wearing his “something blue” suit jacket and waited for Jess to arrive and an intimate ceremony unfolded. ┬áThe┬áreception was styled by close family and friends and held at held under the stars at The Crystal Cottage in Currumbin (which is owned by Jess’s mum).
What an absolute pleasure to shoot this wedding with plenty of laughs, happy tears and some awesome moves busted on the d-floor.
Wishing this gorgeous couple all the best in there future adventures together.
K x

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