On a beautiful day in this tropical paradise Brendan and Jenny with their two children officially became the Wormalds!
It was an absolute pleasure to be flown up to Palm Cove to spend the day with this gorgeous family.  We loaded into the Kombi and drove the beautiful coastline to reach the ceremony spot in Port Douglas. The drive was incredible! I even spotted a big salty on one of the river banks (making a mental note that we would not be going there for photos). Reaching the Port Douglas coast amongst the palm trees, we were surrounded by Brendan and Jenny’s close friends and family that had flown in from all over the world.  Our Kombi driver took us through fields of green, near overgrown forest and crystal creeks and we finished our tour on the coast line.  An incredible spread of food and drinks were laid out on the beach front and we all feasted and celebrated as the sun went down.

What an incredible wedding with this gorgeous family!  Ill be sure to head up to this tropical paradise again.

K x

Makeup:- Makeup by Carly B
Hair:- Berry Lane Hair
Reception:- Nu Nu Events
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