All the right vibes in all the right places!
I knew Alex & Christel’s wedding was going to be something special… on a private Island, detailed and well styled, this wedding was out of control.
Both living in Sydney, and having family and friends across the globe they turned their wedding into a destination wedding for their loved ones. So cool to have everyone you love all in the same place.

I arrive in Hayman Island via private yacht the night before the wedding and let me tell you, they know how to throw a wedding weekend.
A pre wedding party was held and guests mingled and feasted on cocktails and fresh ouderves as the sunset.
Then on to the wedding day, WOW. From the stunning bridal party, to the venue, to the party at the end.
The day started with sunrise yoga for the girls and water sports for the boys.  They were married under a arbour of fresh flowers and travelled the Island to some beautiful locations finishing up with a magic sunset.  They entered the reception with a 12 litre bottle of Balthazar Moet Champagne slung across Alex’s shoulder ready to start the party.  A fresh seafood buffet was served and the night got better with speeches and toasts. Expresso Martinis were passed around like water and an epic live band got everyone busting a move on the dance floor.

It was one of those weddings you don’t want to leave.

Not only are they good looking but these two seriously have hearts of gold, So much love to the new Mr & Mrs Jordan!

Dress: Jane Hill
Bridesmaid dress: Elle Zeitoune
Brides Jewellery:  Custom made Valere
Flowers: Le Sorelle florist
Videographer: Soda Films
Drone Operator: Sky Lens Studios
Entertainment: Scotty Sax & Michelle Martinez

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